Police from Bass Coast Tasking Unit and Bass Coast Criminal Investigation Unit seized a large amount of growing equipment and a hydroponic cannabis crop from an address in Leongatha last week. kg100818

Police seized over 100 bags full of hydroponically cultivated cannabis at a Leongatha residence last week. Pictured: First Constable Jordan Myors of Bass Coast Tasking Unit with some of the crop. kg060818

‘They told us they were farmers’

POLICE executed a search warrant at an address in Shingler Street, Leongatha last week, uncovering a substantial hydroponic cannabis crop.
Around eight police officers, including detectives from Bass Coast Criminal Investigation Unit (CIU), officers from Bass Coast Tasking Unit, and two forensics officers from Melbourne worked their way through the four bedroom house at 87 Shingler Street last Tuesday morning (February 13), dismantling growing equipment and seizing in excess of 100 cannabis plants.
The residents of number 87 weren’t home during the raid, and no arrests have been made.
Detective Acting Sergeant Michael O’Neil said the search was the result of an ongoing investigation.
He said police were still trying to locate two people they would like to interview in relation to the investigation.
“Our enquiries are continuing,” Det Sgt O’Neil said yesterday, (Monday, February 18).
Residents of Shingler Street weren’t surprised to find out that the home, owned by a Non Thi Vu, had been used for criminal activity, saying they’d had a “funny feeling” about the place since an Asian man and woman in their twenties moved in in July 2017, but they hadn’t seen anything worth reporting to the police.
“We always thought there was something suss going on, right from the beginning. But we never saw anything. They just always had the blinds down.
“You never ever saw a blind up. And the lights were always on,” said a resident who wanted to remain anonymous.
“We mainly saw the man, not the woman. They were nice people. They were very friendly. We never had any problems with them. They weren’t nasty or anything. But we rarely saw them.
“They were very elusive type people. They kept very much to themselves. You never heard any conversations. The roller door would go up, they’d drive in [to the garage], the roller door would go down.
“We didn’t really get to know them. We’d just wave and say ‘hello’ when we were taking the bins out. Normal neighbour stuff. They told us they were farmers.”
One Shingler Street resident was heard to yell “I knew it!” as they drove past observing the police activity around the house on Tuesday.
Some residents were shaken up by the discovery after witnessing raids at other addresses on the street in the past 12 months.
“It’s a bit yucky for all this to be going on in little Leongatha,” one said. They said they’d seen no suspicious comings or goings suggesting drugs were being sold from the house.
Anyone with information is urged to contact CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000.