RESIDENTS of Farmer Street in Mirboo North are up in arms about a proposed 40 metre high telecommunications tower they say will ruin what they love most about living on the street: the beautiful views.
The planning permit application notice for the Optus tower, to be built on a private farming property, arrived in residents’ mailboxes on January 22, and many, like Amanda Constable got busy writing objection letters.
Ms Constable says the tower would ruin the very thing that attracted her to the street and in turn drastically bring down the value of her property.
“The construction of a 40 metre high tower is nothing but a total eyesore!
“The natural outlook from Farmer Street is the reason myself and my neighbours along Farmer Street purchased our properties in the first place,” she says.
Amanda said it’s almost the height of a 12 storey building.
“I would never have purchased my property in a million years if it was staring at a 40 metre high monstrosity, and I suspect most other people would feel the same way.”
Ms Constable says she has spent a lot of money renovating her home since purchasing it last October, with maximising the views central to the redesign.
“A lot of thought went into the purchase of my property as well as many years of savings.
“Purchasing land adjacent to a farming zone, one would have thought would be a fairly safe bet the view would not be built on,” she said.
Some Mirboo North residents have also voiced concerns on social media about living in close proximity to electromagnetic radiation.
But others have welcomed the proposal, saying it’s the result of dozens of complaints about poor mobile reception in the area.
“I’m afraid that everyone wants better mobile reception and unfortunately there’s always some unlucky people that have to deal with an ugly tower,” one commenter said on a Facebook post by Amanda.
“Hooray, mobile reception at last,” another said.
South Gippsland Shire Council has received multiple objections to the planning permit, meaning the proposal will go before council before it can be approved.