Peter Wilson’s 10 year old son Keefer can’t get enough of riding the newly rebuilt Megaramp in Nyora.

NYORA is once again home to the biggest skate ramp in the southern hemisphere, as Peter Wilson puts the finishing touches on the second version of his 9 metre high, 94 metre long ‘Megaramp’.
With skateboarding added to the 2020 Olympics, the timing couldn’t be better.
Wilson, a professional golfer, built his first Megaramp in 2010 after becoming aware of the lack of training facilities for Australian skateboarders.
“I ran an event back in 2009 that combined golf and skateboarding. I got talking to the skateboarders and realised golfers can train anywhere but skateboarders don’t have as many opportunities. It made me want to help out,” Wilson said.
The first Megaramp entered the history books in 2014 as the setting for Tas Pappas’ 900-degree rotation – an Australian first- but later that year, Wilson was forced to tear the ramp down after neighbours complained to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).
In 2016, Wilson was granted permission to rebuild the ramp in a more secluded part of his 11 acre property, and after a lot of work and $65,000 expense, it’s due to open in the next few months as a training facility for professional athletes, and a site for youth training camps and coaching seminars.
Wilson hopes the new and improved Megaramp – one of only three in the world – will boost the local economy, and help push skateboarding in Australia to a new level.
He says there’s a possibility the ramp could be used as an Olympic training facility and he’s already been receiving messages from skateboarders interstate and overseas.
“The first ramp was a bit of a ‘backyard’ project, but this time we’ve followed official Megaramp plans from America.
“It’s a good thing for the sport in Australia and it’s something unique for Nyora. It’s going to attract people to the area and create revenue for local businesses,” he said.
Wilson has dubbed his property, where he lives with wife Ruth and their three children, and which also incorporates a driving range, the ‘Megaranch’. He says the last piece of the puzzle is to build accommodation for visitors but that the same neighbours who objected to the Megaramp are now attempting to block council-approved plans for a bed and breakfast.
“I don’t know why they’ve objected to it. I’ve tried mediation with them but it hasn’t worked.
“I should be able to make money off my property and raise money for the community.
“A B&B would be fantastic for tourism. It would entice people from all over the world not just to stay and use the Megaramp but to stay and enjoy the Megaranch lifestyle,” Wilson said.
The matter is now with VCAT and a decision is expected in April.