My husband and I have been seriously impacted by the acoustic emissions from the Macarthur wind farm, in south-west Victoria for nearly six years now.
We also, along with 22 other families submitted a claim of “nuisance” to our Moyne Shire Council, back in 2014 and subsequently it was also rejected, in a similar fashion to that of South Gippsland Shire Council and the Bald Hills residents.
We both, myself more particularly, suffer and have suffered since first 15 turbines began operation in October 2012, from serious head pressure, headaches, ear pressure, nose pressure, excruciating ear pain in the inner ear, nausea, heart palpitations, burning chest, just to name a few of these symptoms.
We wake up to six times a night, and the sleep we do have is very light, as a result waking up exhausted and wretched, sometimes unable to function the next day.
Gus and I recently took part in the world first double blindfolded study by acoustics expert Steven Cooper in Sydney, where along with seven other severely noise sensitised participants (two from wind farms and five from coal and gas mining) we responded with 100 per cent accuracy to the wind farm noise in his purpose-built laboratory… that is, Steve was able to induce our symptoms immediately he played the wind farm noise he had recorded from a home at the Cape Bridgewater wind farm near Portland.
We have, since 2012, been forced to leave our home and farm every week for at least two nights and three days to get away from the “hell” we now live with (previous 32 years very healthy), to get a decent night’s sleep.
When we go away our symptoms go away, and upon our return, the debilitating symptoms return immediately.
We’re watching with interest the case being currently held. The Bald Hills residents v South Gippsland Shire Council case is quite significant.
With thanks and appreciation for your wonderful coverage of what is so real, but swept “under the carpet” for far too long, and what we have been forced to live with 24/7 since 2012.
Annie Gardner, Macarthur.