Arrogance, deception, wood chips and perhaps timber for milling.
I attended the physio for some very painful massage. Another session was suggested and a provisional date set.
The time needed confirmation. The next day was back to the clinic; unfortunately I took the wrong route. In the meantime Mr Broadbent MP sent me a congratulatory letter for my recent ancient birthday. Perhaps my longevity has scrambled my marbles.
Having driven unnecessary miles along the Strzelecki Highway, when I should have been on the Old Thorpdale looking for Wells Road, I finally turned back to Mirboo North.
I turned into a dirt road to the right which was Samson’s Road. Opposite was the pumping station and to the left was magnificent forest. I am told the trees are Messmate.
These trees are tall, substantial, straight and dare I suggest, very suitable for Mr Andrews purchased timber mill. He certainly needs the supply.
Further along the road becomes Douges Track. My absent mind after all served a purpose. At the beginning of Mirboo North’s current logging dilemma I was shown, by Grant O’Neil around part of the threatened forest coupes.
I was not very impressed with the dry sparse forest areas I saw but, this Messmate treasure near to the town surely needs to be preserved.
No doubt the poor old loggers think they are serving the community. Why do we, the exploiters, always get opposition from the people? Don’t they realise the wood chips earn the country a lot of cash and once the forest is cleared we can turn it into pasture and run more cattle and sheep.
What could be better than that?
Add to that the reduction in fire risk and the removal of the pesky wildlife then the people have a win-win situation. A local farmer near my home said, I don’t want your wild life on my land and further he said, I prefer pines to Eucalyptus trees because they do not harbour animals and don’t drop branches and leaves. To encourage tourism perhaps the town could build a picket fence around the town perimeter – that would be pretty.
I recently had two members of officialdom from Traralgon visit Turtons Creek. They spent a valuable three hours touring the valley. They were very impressed and recognised the importance of such places to tourism and the environment.
They assured me that the powers that be are now carrying out a comprehensive survey for the whole region. No plan means shallow manipulation and chaos. Let us hope that at last the society is heading in the right direction.
No logging in the Mirboo North forest, the intelligent development of Turtons Creek and the establishment of the Cores and inks reserve would be a good start.
Ron Brown, Turtons Creek.