We could use our waste to make money and jobs here.
In response to your lead article last week on waste problems in Bass Coast, maybe the answer is to look for answers closer to home than China.
Given that Australia is the second highest producer of waste per capita in the world, it might be appropriate for us to take more responsibility for what we ourselves make.
Already many countries (including now China) are moving towards a so called ‘circular economy’ where today’s waste is recycled into a useful product which can re-enter the economy once more; perhaps it’s time for this country to look to the future, too, rather than expect other countries to clean up our problem.
Some solutions will be found at a state or country wide level but closer to home there are still things that can be done which would help to reduce waste and create employment at the same time.
A good example can be found at Bairnsdale (which has a comparable population in terms of size and demography to the Wonthaggi/Inverloch region).
There, a very successful tip shop has been operating for several years. It is open nearly every day of the year, has a daily income of over $500 and employs a manager and five part time staff.
At the Wonthaggi tip a start has been made: there is a building set aside for a tip shop but it is open on an irregular basis and contains a limited number of items.
If there really is a crisis a better managed tip shop could begin to solve some of the problems.
Harry Freeman, West Creek.