By Michael Giles

WHY would the State Government have a 2km, now 1km buffer zone around huge industrial-size wind turbines if there wasn’t a problem?
And why would ordinary, law-abiding local farmers, who would otherwise not want to have a bar of the authorities, say they experience terrible noises from these structures, in their own homes, under certain conditions, if it wasn’t true?
Because these massive, moving structures do generate a whole range of noises and vibrations, up to intolerable levels at times, and the law says that when there are complaints, they should be properly investigated… by the shire.
The shire doesn’t like it and we as ratepayers shouldn’t like it either because it is costing us money.
The local shire also disputes that it is their responsibility.
But so far, they’ve accepted responsibility for investigating these complaints and until they successfully challenge that position, they’ve got to do the work and do it properly.
These are, after all, their own ratepayers who are being kept awake at night, being affected by headaches and even driven out of their homes at times by a company running a business next door.
If it was a sawmill, factory or other business creating a nuisance for the neighbours, it would have to be investigated and action taken.
For goodness sake, they don’t have any trouble taking the owners of barking dogs to task and ultimately to court if necessary.
What’s the difference?
People have a right to comfort, safety and security in their own homes.
And by any standards, the South Gippsland Shire Council has stuffed this up.
It’s a great pity, therefore, that while the shire councillors are behaving disgracefully in a protracted feud between themselves around the council table, that this sort of thing is going on, unquestioned by our representatives.
If the councillors cannot put their differences aside, forget self-interest and sing from the same hymn sheet when trying to get the bureaucracy to do the community’s bidding; we’ve got no hope and they should, as the South Gippsland Action Group wants, be sacked by the Minister.
For god’s sake councillors, get on with it!