In this beautiful, awe-inspiring country of ours, we have much to celebrate.
However 2018 began with the news that Australia will develop its Arms Industry – for our profit.
We moved on to the 10th Anniversary of the Apology to the stolen generations. In those 10 years we have seen no financial reparation (unlike other examples of institutional abuse), no Truth and Reconciliation process, no Treaty.
We have seen the instant dismissal of the recommendations resulting from the consultations ‘From the Heart’ at Uluru.
This litany of neglect, disrespect, betrayal of trust and lack of political will is staggering.
Even more staggering has been the obsessive preoccupation of parliament and media alike with the Barnaby Joyce affair and ongoing mudslinging, all of which has conveniently overshadowed the impact on Indigenous people and by default, the rest of the population, of political inertia.
Even to change the celebratory date of Australia Day thereby recognising what this date memorialised for aboriginal people, was too hard. It is difficult not to feel hopeless.
Add to the above our refusal to resettle asylum seekers beyond our minimum intake; our willingness to enter arrangements with other countries which continue the disgusting abuse of our exported animals; our dying Great Barrier Reef, and locally, the looming un-regulatable slaughter (for fun) by Victoria’s gunmen, of thousands of water birds, and a very sad profile of our society emerges.
I don’t believe this is the society the majority of Australians want.
Karen Chugg, Inverloch.