I attended a wonderful meeting on Sunday, March 4 at the Mirboo North football ground regarding the proposed logging of the Mirboo North forests.
We are so fortunate to have so many knowledgeable people prepared to give up so much of their valuable time surveying the coupes to discover what is living in the area in terms of flora and fauna.
They also research timber agreements and the subsidisation of the forest industry and also examine the relevant effects on local tourism and businesses.
The studies they have done are incredibly professional and thorough. They draw on professional surveys and up to date research.
I was shocked that no previous studies have been done of this area for over 20 years.
I find this disgraceful that VicForests could even think of logging such an area without current and up to date information.
Even when they do their own studies I am sure they will only be brief and done in daylight hours when most of our wildlife are asleep.
The absence of Cr Maxine Kiel was noticeable although an apology was noted.
However, I believe we are entitled to know Cr Kiel’s stance on the proposed logging given that there are two motions at the council meetings due to be moved in the very near future.
Given that Cr Kiel is a local in our town it would be wonderful to know if she intends to support the motions against the logging.
Vern Garth, Mirboo North.