WANNABE thieves attempted to steal an ATM from a Grantville service station last week – but failed and drove away with nothing.
The thieves reversed into the shop door at the Grantville BP service station in the early hours of Tuesday morning, February 27.
Two people jumped out of the vehicle, pushing stands out of the way, and one of them tying a cable – attached to the 4WD – onto an ATM.
The driver floored it, but the cable came off the ATM, flinging into the air and damaging shop stock and stands.
After the bungled attempt, the two ran out of the store and back into the 4WD.
“The way the chord snapped back, they were very lucky they didn’t decapitate themselves,” Luke Plancke of Endeavour Petroleum told Seven News last week.
“It’s very frustrating seeing it. As I said, they got nothing out of it; they didn’t seem too bright in what they were doing.”