AS WITH life itself, once in a while extraordinary things take place that change the breeding objectives of the beef industry that are considered to be the norm.
A case in hand is that of Texas Mount K002, a young sire bred by the Mayne family of Queensland and heavily used through artificial insemination and embryo transfer ET programs that have the Angus breed talking.
Texas Mount K002 is now four years of age and boasts an impressive phenotype, which is underpinned by sound structure, enormous body length, easy calving and produces progeny with very soft skin.
Combine this with his outstanding data, Texas Mount K002 rates in the top 1 percentile of the whole Angus breed for all selection indexes and is also equally suited for domestic and grass production, as well as self-replacing herds.
He also rates in the top 5 per cent of the Angus breed for calving ease and inter muscular fat IMF (marbling).
Combined with outstanding growth, carcass weight, scrotal size and short gestation length, he is the bull for now and the future.
He literally ticks almost every breeding objective box there is, with his progeny well suited to either pasture production systems in Gippsland or high performance in the feed lot environment.
Texas Mount K002 will have at least 10, 18 to 20 month old sons available for sale at the Yancowinna Autumn Bull Sale to be held on property at Cape Paterson on Monday March 26th at 1pm.