The Division 2 winners were Toora. Back row, from left: Don Galloway, Mal Calladine, Roger Worden, David Legg, Terry Corcoran and Norm Curram. Front row, from left: Dino Vignocchi, Ray Lecher, Joe Paynting, Mark Rigaldi, Don Lawson, Laurie Robertson and John Richardson. mm361018

Inverloch’s Ron Burge during Saturday’s Division 1 grand final at Korumburra. N061018

Peter Forrest in action for Phillip Island in Saturday’s thrilling Division 1 grand final against Inverloch. N051018

The Division 5 winners were Corinella. From left: Mark Hanrahan, Steve Edge, John Oates, Bob Curtain, Bill Williams, Graham McKergow, Barbara Oates, Phil Wright, Allan Hughes, Arch Connell, Ken Barnes, Allen Ward and Ivan Hastings. mm391018

The Division 4 winners were Wonthaggi Blue. From left: Kevin Olver, Colin Ormerod, Peter McGregor, Ken Webb, John Duscher, Kevin Oates, Len Cuman, John Moore, Roger Lee, Stan Noad, Peter Miller, Lex Milkins and Hans Bischofberger.

The Division 3 winners were Leongatha. Back row, from left: Jeff Pendergast, John Turner, Les Wilson, John White, Garry Van Sinderen, Ollie Crouch and Neville Stone. Front row, from left: Mike Carnell, Alan Rayson, Graeme Drury, Vito Serafino, Ken Lester and Hoopy Deenen. mm371018

PHILLIP Island has beaten Inverloch Blue in a thriller to take out the Division 1 title in the South Gippsland Bowls Division’s Saturday Pennant competition.
With the weather fine and warm and a gentle breeze from the southwest at Korumburra everything was in place for a close grand final between the giants of the division, and the crowd was not disappointed.
Inverloch won the mat and the three teams skipped by Ron Burge, Frank Seaton and Mick Bowman set about building a score that after eight ends read 10-4.
But Phillip Island was not going to lay down and after 20 ends, had taken the lead by one shot (18-19), with the umpire having to be called to determine the shot holder.
After 31 ends Inverloch had pulled ahead (30-26), with the breeze now picking up, still from the southwest.
Phillip Island appeared to like the breezier conditions and forged ahead to lead 45-50 after 53 ends.
Inverloch then took the ascendancy with some fine bowling to lead 54-53 after 63 ends and 60-54 after 70 ends.
With the crowd becoming ever more vocal in their support and the wind becoming stronger and gustier, two rinks had completed their games and following another call for the umpire to determine who held shot, the scores were tied 60-60 after 74 ends and the final end hanging in the balance.
It wasn’t a tight head and, with one bowl remaining and Phillip Island holding shot, it was up to Inverloch to draw and take the title by one shot.
Inverloch’s final bowl didn’t quite draw as required, leaving Phillip Island as the Division 1 winner for 2018.
The Division 2 grand final was played between Toora and Corinella at Inverloch.
Corinella did not get the start it wanted but, all three rinks rallied and began to peg Toora back.
Shane Holmes and team were successful and won their rink by 18 shots, but it was just not enough to cover Dave Windley and Brian Edward and their teams’ losses.
Overall the result was Toora 71 defeating Corinella 62.
Leongatha took out the Division 3 title by beating San Remo 79-69 at Inverloch.
Of the Leongatha skippers, Graeme Drury’s team won 28 to 20 shots, Jeff Pendergast’s team won 31 to 18 shots and J Turner’s team lost 20 to 31 shots.
One of the highlights of the grand final was to see Predergast’s team, who, over several weeks were not having a good run, but came home in the grand final with a great win.
Saturday at Wonthaggi Bowls Club was a huge day, with two teams from Wonthaggi competing for the flag in Division 4.
The Blue team won the day, with teams playing on three rinks.
The day started off beautifully but the last 45 minutes was a real challenge for all concerned as the wind blew up and then got stronger as time went on.
The Division 5 grand final between Corinella and Meeniyan at Inverloch was a real nail-biter, with the lead changed constantly.
Corinella’s John Oates and his team bowled well to contain their loss to eight shots.
Phil Wright and team finished four shots up over Meeniyan, and Allan Hughes and his team took their game to the next level, winning by seven shots.
Corinella finished the day as Division 5 champion with a 68-65 win.