We write in response to the article, ‘A natural, smelly phenomenon’, Sentinel-Times, March 6 outlining the Bass Coast Shire Council position on the issues surrounding Ayr Creek and the associated lagoon.
This issue has been raised with the council on several occasions over the past three years who have responded with the usual rhetoric (we are looking into it) and that a good shower of rain would flush the creek out and all would be well. It hasn’t and the smell has become increasingly offensive.
We were so concerned that the water in Ayr Creek which flows into the lagoon was polluted (not merely stagnant). We decided to pay to have the water tested by an independent NATA registered laboratory.
The results confirmed that the water was indeed profoundly polluted. The levels of E.coli and Enterococci (indictors for animal and human faeces) exceeded that documented guidelines for recreational water use. We contacted the council again and sent them the report and guidelines.
We received a thank you note and an invitation to participate in community discussions on the subject when they occur in the coming months.
Disappointingly, the article still maintains the idea that the water is safe, just stagnant and makes no mention about further testing of Ayr Creek and the lagoon.
It is our contention the lagoon is a quirk of nature which is fed solely by Ayr Creek which is contaminated with sewerage.
The depression which is the lagoon needs to be filled in with surrounding sand and so Ayr Creek can once again trickle across the sand to the inlet as it has done for the 20 years I have been coming to Inverloch.
Doug and Tina Dixon.