The Condoluci boys didn’t hesitate to help the Leongatha SES crew get back on the road during Sunday’s wild weather.

THE strong wind weather event on Sunday afternoon caused chaos on roads throughout South Gippsland with countless number of trees blown onto roads.
Police and SES were aided by numerous local farmers and other residents who assisted with chainsaws or with dragging trees off the roads according to Leongatha Police Sergeant Dale McCahon.
He issued a warning to road users to drive to the conditions.
“Many motorists were observed driving too fast for the conditions and almost coming to grief with downed trees or with other vehicles that had stopped for the trees.”
But there was plenty of good will out there.
Leongatha SES volunteers are grateful for the support they received from the Condoluci Produce team.
On the way between a job in Ruby and Leongatha, the truck they were in had a front tyre puncture, not far from the Condoluci headquarters on the South Gippsland Highway.
Loui and Bailey Condoluci were passing through and pulled over, assessed the situation, grabbed the tools required from their shed and helped get the SES crew back on the road within half an hour.
“They mentioned they helped us because we help others,” Val Bremner from the Leongatha SES Unit said.
“Their help was very much appreciated.”
Ms Bremner said the Leongatha SES Unit attended to 26 calls on Sunday, and removed tree limbs and debris from the road to get to these callout locations.