The truck with warning signs obscures the view of oncoming traffic for vehicles exiting Parr Street.

Sometimes I don’t keep fully up to date with local events and new innovations for this area, so please forgive me if I am blind to the reasons for the actions described below.
But who in their right mind would authorise for 700 metres of kerb and channelling to be built by VicRoads on the eastern entry to Leongatha?
Why, why, why would any person spend this amount of money on kerbing for a country road, when there are numerous areas that need far more urgent repairs (remember, it’s your money, Ralph!)
That money could even have been used to repair the recently rebuilt section on the western side of Leongatha that is falling apart yet again!
And where are our local politicians in all this reckless allocation of funds?
Following on from the enormous amounts of money spent on dubious catch fencing around the state, one has got to ask “who’s in charge of this?”
Our roads are crying out for genuine repairs, cars are being prematurely worn and damaged by uneven surfaces, and no doubt road safety is impacted as well, yet this reckless spending goes in, seemingly unchecked!
And let’s not mention the bloke who has the easiest job in the world these days, sitting in the air conditioned truck with the ‘Roadworks ahead’ flashing sign for up to seven hours a day.
A real pity that the location he sits in effectively blocks vision for traffic exiting Parr Street, but hopefully he’ll be awake when the crash happens right in front of him!
Obviously this is the 21st century version of leaning on the shovel.
Wayne Beale, Leongatha.