WHILE display homes are already showcasing beautiful designs and clever features providing new home buyers with plenty of inspiration, most builders will place their most popular or higher end designs on display.
For first home buyers, this means what you’re seeing is quite often out of reach for those looking to break into the market.
With a clear gap for these buyers, Hotondo Homes has now launched Virtual Retreat, a new feature giving you the opportunity to virtually ‘walk through’ the Forever Retreat range of homes – Hotondo Homes’ primary range for first home buyers – before they’ve even been built.
The app allows users to take a 3D tour of any design in the range, which provides a better understanding of a particular design’s layout and flow. The new technology will allow first home buyers to make a more informed decision when it comes to building a new home and enhance their overall customer service experience.
Hotondo Homes Inverloch directors Trent and Caroline Allen believe Virtual Retreat provides a much-needed service for those ready to take their first steps in the property market.
“We know how hard it is to look at a floor plan and have a clear understanding of a home,” Trent said.
“Virtual Retreat will help first home buyers through that initial struggle and ultimately, help them determine what they do or do not want in their first home.
“Visiting display homes is still a fantastic idea for inspiration in a new home, but Virtual Retreat will perfectly showcase our Forever Retreat range and help ease the buying process.”
Virtual Retreat was launched to the public earlier this month and has already excited Hotondo Homes’ existing clients.
With the option to use the new feature on Hotondo Homes’ website or downloading the app from the iTunes or Google Play stores, Virtual Retreat is a breeze for any home buyer.
“The Forever Retreat Range was created to encompass quality and style in each design,” Caroline said.
“These homes are affordable and suit various block sizes – it’s everything you could want in your first home.
“Virtual Retreat is a great way to get the inside look at the range and I believe it’s something that will really help our first home buyers.”
With over eight architecturally-designed homes and the choice of four stunning façade options, Forever Retreat is the ideal option for Australia’s first home buyers.
Take the tour now by visiting www.hotondo.com.au/virtual-retreat/