CARS were on fire in Leongatha’s main street, McCartin Street, after an explosion was heard across a wide area of the town this morning.

As a result police have launched an aerial and road hunt for an allegedly stolen car and also for those allegedly responsible for the collision which caused the incident.



Police have told the Sentinel-Times that they believe a car stolen in Warragul was involved in the incident in Leongatha. The alleged offender then stole another car in Leongatha to make his getaway and police are still pursuing the alleged offender, the latest sighting being at Alberton near Yarram.

* * * * *

Unconfirmed reports have been posted on the Sentinel-Times Facebook page that police chased the alleged offenders who reportedly hit speeds of 180km/h going through Toora.

There have also been unconfirmed reports that police have since caught the alleged offender/s.

It has also been reported that police have stopped radio contact in case the offenders have access to a police scanner to aid their getaway.

Please note, these are unconfirmed reports.

Officially police have confirmed that there was a multi-car collision in Leongatha, that a stolen car was allegedly involved and the police air wing is involved in looking for the alleged offenders.