Terry Hubbard, the chair of Landcare Victoria and Peter Veenker, the chair of Vic Catchments recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the two organisations to strengthen natural resource management in Victoria.
Vic Catchments is an unincorporated industry organisation representing the 10 Catchment Management Authorities and Landcare Victoria is the peak body in Victoria representing 30 years of sustainable land management history.
Dr Veenker said: “this landmark agreement will herald a new and consolidated partnership arrangement to promote and bind ongoing natural resource management and sustainable agriculture. Catchment Management Authorities across the state have enjoyed a positive relationship with Landcare over the past 20 years. This agreement will ensure this relationship will only get better over the next 20. Also, with this agreement we can make Landcare grants provided by government go further.”
Mr Hubbard added “the objectives of the MoU are:
• To ensure a productive partnership that builds the capacity of both Landcare Victoria and the Catchment Management Authorities
• To provide consistency of underlying principles across Catchment Management Authority regions whilst allowing flexibility for each region to implement actions in a way that respects the unique attributes of the region and its peoples; and
• To establish methods consistent with this MoU to harness the skills, knowledge and resources of both Landcare Victoria and Vic Catchments to meet our common goals, objectives and vision.”