As you take an interest in climate change, it becomes ever more difficult to remember what, in the beginning, you weren’t frightened about.
About revelations today from Turnbull, about investing $500 Million to make 3tonnes of hydrogen, surely the counter terror mob need to lock him away. It’s worth a whole $2250.
He claims it’s a big breakthrough. It’s not even worthy of “fake news”.
What we can’t remember is convincing delusions that when symptoms become serious enough, there must be some kind of switch to turn climate back to how it used to be.
There isn’t. All the emissions we’ve put up there are there for centuries. Warming won’t stop at 2100.
Even moderate warming is based on no effect from melting poles glaciers etc. For anything like “moderate”, it’s assumed CO2 can be sucked out of atmosphere, using zero carbon energy. It doesn’t exist. It might happen. But, for all the fuss and megabucks about CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage), neither capture nor storage have been delivered.
Malcolm and his fanatical mates deserves no more respect than a cuckoo.
Bernie McComb, Cowes