Jim Glen of Korumburra m031518

Jim Glen of Korumburra received an avalanche of support for a post he put up on the Korumburra Community Noticeboard last week, the only trouble was the time it took for him to upload the message in the first place.
Since the National Broadband Network (NBN) sent him a letter telling him they were “upgrading the NBN Fixed Wireless network in your area and your service has been identified as eligible for the upgrade” he’s had nothing but trouble with the super slow speeds.
The so-called “upgrade”, which wasn’t optional for hundreds of fixed wireless customers in the “purple” zone in and around Korumburra, involves swapping out existing outdoor antennas and replacing them with a new one “free of charge”.
The only problem, according to Jim, is that NBN Co will not be upgrading the local tower to receive the increased flow of wireless customers on the new frequency until the first quarter of 2019.
“They’ve got to be kidding, 2019! I don’t run a business from home but a lot of people do and like me they’ll be getting speeds down as low as 2Mbps, where we were getting up to 45Mbps when the fixed wireless first started.
“I appreciate that the existing fixed wireless frequency was getting maxed out with customers, and was also slowing down, but to shift people over to a new frequency before the upgrade is just ridiculous,” he said.
And he’s received plenty of support.
“Telstra say they can’t do anything about, and neither can the other service providers. And the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman is apparently powerless to get NBN to do anything about it.
“I was advised to get political about it, so I’d like to know what the local politicians can do about it.”
Jim has been living in a relatively new area of Korumburra for five years but there’s lots of existing homes on the north side of town who are similarly disadvantaged.
“I don’t know how many people are being switched across to the new frequency but they certainly haven’t been told that their speeds will be ridiculously slow for another 12 months.
“I’m not saying it should be faster but it should at least be the same as it was,” he said.
“I propose everyone affected makes a complaint to the Telecommunications Ombudsman here: https://www.tio.com.au/making-a-complaint
If they won’t fast-track the tower upgrade based on my complaint, maybe they’ll fast-track it after receiving 100 complaints!”