IF YOU’RE passionate about the environment or just want to help preserve the region’s native flora and fauna, why not consider offsetting your car emissions with Bass Coast Landcare Network?
As part of a new program launched last week, you can now make a donation to the BCLN, which varies depending on the size of your car, and in return, the BCLN will plant a number of native plants to offset the emissions of your car for one year.
You’ll also receive a nifty little sticker that reads ‘We’ve offset our car emissions with Bass Coast Landcare Network’ which you can proudly slap on your rear windscreen to show off your commitment to the environment.
BCLN’s Executive Officer Kellie Nichols is looking forward to seeing the stickers out on the roads soon.
“Victoria currently has over 4.5 million cars registered on its roads. Think of all the carbon emissions from 4.5 million cars!” Ms Nicols said.
“Our local carbon offset program is aimed to enable the community to give where they live,” she said.
“By offsetting your vehicle through BCLN, we will establish enough indigenous plants in local areas to enhance environmental biodiversity, create native animal habitat, encourage breeding of threatened species and construct natural biolinks.
“These revegetation works will take place on private and public land, along creeks and rivers, along landslips to reduce erosion, and in coastal areas, so not only are you supporting BCLN’s work in conservation and sustainable agriculture, you are physically seeing your dollars in action in the form of native revegetation.”
To get involved, head to www.basscoastlandcare.org.au/offset-your-car-emission.