IT STARTED as a bet with his son-in-law and it’s grown into something else.
Korumburra’s Peter Dowd has grown an American pumpkin that’s so big, he has no idea what to do with it.
Weighing around 100kg, shifting it will be his biggest challenge.
“I’m a metal sculptor first but do a bit of gardening on the side,” said Peter who moved to Korumburra from the Dandenongs 12 months ago.
“I’ve always dabbled in the garden but this is the first time I’ve grown one of these.
“My son in law gave me a seed and suggested we have a competition to see who could grow the biggest one. It turns out that he didn’t plant his seed.
“When I spoke to him last, he said ‘You win Pete!’ and just laughed at me.”
The pumpkin couldn’t grow any bigger. It has a square corner as it’s grown into the garden box.
For maximum growth to win the fake competition, Peter made sure it was the only pumpkin on the vine. Chook manure and water were the only feeding ingredients.
“I’ve heard in America they inject milk into them, but I didn’t have to worry about that.
“It’s about five months old, so it’s a big baby!”
What now for this monster?
“Someone might have a brilliant idea for it. Maybe we could have a ‘guess the weight competition’ and raise some money for a charity?”
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