IT’S bureaucracy gone mad. The San Remo community want a footpath, but it goes through someone else’s property. The landowner’s agreed for them to use his land, but the project still can’t proceed.
The proposal, to create a linking track between two paths at the end of Back Beach Road in San Remo, has been – according to the opposition – put in the “too hard” basket by the State Government.
San Remo Foreshore Committee of Management chair Andy Chappell met with Bass MP Brian Paynter and Shadow Minister for Environment Nick Wakeling recently to discuss the proposal and the issues that are stopping it from proceeding.
Mr Paynter, who’s been involved in discussions about the proposal for a while, said it’s been an ongoing saga as the group can’t apply for a grant until all the red tape is sorted out.
“It could be a stunning track,” Mr Paynter said.
“There’s a willing landowner and committee, and the landowner just wants a formal agreement in place, but it hasn’t happened.
“The State Government needs to just listen to the community. If the community wants it, they should just make it happen.”
Mr Wakeling said it felt like the government is dragging its feet on the project.
“Instead of looking at why it shouldn’t happen, they should be looking at how they can make it happen,” Mr Wakeling said.
The linking track would mean people wouldn’t need to go down a flight of stairs, across the beach and up another flight of stairs to reach the other footpath.