It is with disgust at what our community has come to when, last Wednesday morning, an adult with four kids on bikes on the footpath of A’beckett Street Inverloch, considers it acceptable for these children to weave in and out through pedestrians.
The path was very congested at the time; two pedestrians on walking frames and several others had to jump clear; one was hit.
I said that they shouldn’t be there, I was told that “they’re allowed ‘till they’re 12 years old’ ”. The only other response I got was that I shouldn’t be so rude!
Had a pedestrian been knocked down by these out of control kids, who pays for hospital and rehabilitation in the very likely event of serious injury?
I have no problem with responsible use of shared footpaths being used by cyclists but not through a crowd of people, many elderly or even young not expecting to be mowed down by out of control kids.
Should the adult in charge of these children care to discuss this with local Police or Council officers, I will happily be there.

Graham Wilson, Inverloch