SCOPE band Skull Fork launched their debut album ‘Thought Cloud’ at The Westernport Hotel on Friday night supporting headlining act Boxthorn.
Skull Fork were supported by an eager crowd of locals, friends and families, all eager to witness the final result of the band’s hard work, commitment, on-street jamming and general rif-raffery.
From on-street busking to the recording studio, the album – funded by the local community through several crowd-funding campaigns over past months, was the culmination of endless hours of practice, merchandising efforts, social media promotion and epic commitment from each and every band member.
Among numerous other local venues, The Westernport Hotel has opened its welcoming arms to the band on several occasions, supporting this community act with a ‘get on stage and show us what you’ve got!’ attitude.
Skull Fork, guided by Scope Disability Support Worker Sam Haycroft, is an all-inclusive music initiative based out of leading disability support provider Scope’s office in San Remo; and is a regular slot in the weekly activity schedule for all participants.
Each band member gets to participate according to their interests and are actively supported to do so, providing a fantastic experience that has led to much personal growth, skill development, increased confidence and engagement with Scope and the wider community – both as individuals and as a team (band) as a whole.
All aspects of being in a band are facilitated as part of the project: performing/busking, music production and recording, marketing/promotion via social media and merchandising, and all the important band management details like bookings, logistics and finances.
The band members came up with the band name ‘Skull Fork’ and the logo/artwork, alongside producing their own merchandise for sale including T-shirts, mugs, guitar picks and fridge magnets that raise money for band activities like touring to play events and recording equipment for music production.
The band members are a floating line up of (mostly) Scope participants and volunteers, with even Scope service coordinator Ron Green having his own band name!
Sterling Silver, Youki Liptus, Bhiehwk, Kenny Galvan, Iron Hayden, Vicktearea, Livvy Onthyedge, Mike Cheque, Dispenser, Reeces Peaces, Leanne Puncture, Kerryn Izzsherryn, Jarrod Unreal, Ron The Dentist, Harry Scarry and Cliff Face are just some of the delightful characters you have to thank for the musical genius of Skull Fork, who you can catch every Thursday in Cowes, gripping and ripping out the front of the Cowes Post Office, Youki’s, and Woolworths in the afternoon. Merchandise is always on sale and the band love a natter, so come and say hello!
Skull Fork are supported by all Scope direct support workers, Scope management, and a host of volunteers that really do deserve a mention: Cliff Booth, Jules Medor and Tyler Lorback.
Scope Bass Coast and Skull Fork thank the local community and businesses for their support, generous donations, love and inclusion.
Scope service coordinator Ron Green said that without the generous and inclusive nature of the local community this project would not have been possible.
“A huge thank you to all involved. This project is exactly what we at Scope believe in and seek to achieve for all individuals in our community: ‘See the Person, Do It Together, Do It Right, and Do It Better’.”
For more information on what services Scope Bass Coast has to offer, contact service coordinator Ron Green on 0417 594 204.
Search for and follow Skull Fork on Facebook, Instagram, or You Tube using the handle @Skullfork, and check out the HEAR page at for all upcoming gigs at the hottest live music venue around!