I recently took a stroll around the CBD of Wonthaggi. Honestly, I was taken back on how untidy and dirty the footpaths are in this town.
I was shocked to see the amount of bird droppings, cigarette butts etc on the footpaths, including around the bins placed around the CBD.
Is there no pride in this town anymore?
Has the care factor gone down the drain? Surely the local shopkeepers and the Bass Coast Shire staff don’t walk around with their eyes closed, or do they just turn a blind eye to this?
Then I took a walk over to Big W, and it’s the same as the CBD – untidy and dirty. The same goes for the Wonthaggi Plaza.
My thoughts are why isn’t someone doing anything about this?
If we want to make ‘Woni Proud’, now’s the time to give her a huge tidy up and make her more attractive, not only for the locals but also for the tourists who visit Wonthaggi.
I am a local, I have been for a very long time and I believe that I’m entitled to share my views on this subject.
Maybe the deputy mayor (Brett Tessari) or (Bass MP) Brian Paynter can get something done about this by putting it to the Bass Coast Shire Council.
It’s been a long time overdue for a major tidy up.
I am sure that the Bass Coast Shire Council has spare money somewhere to hire a contractor to do this by cleaning up this town’s CBD.
Mark Williams, Wonthaggi.