There has been quite a bit of correspondence re the proposed walking trail along Quarry Road in Fish Creek.
We are one paddock above that road and have the boarding kennels, grazing and free range egg farm, which also borders the Meeniyan-Promontory Road.
We are concerned about two issues: one is the problem which comes from lack of weed control. It is proposed that a volunteer group will be responsible for such control. This is less than satisfactory as we are concerned that weeds may spread but also that they may harbour foxes.
The second issue of concern is noise. It is well known that dogs guard to the limit of their hearing not their sight.
The dogs in the kennels bark whenever there is a party at the top oval in Fish Creek. The proposed trail will be closer to the kennels than that, so it is likely that the dogs in the kennels will bark when they hear loud voices, motorbikes and other noise sources on the proposed trail.
This is not good for our neighbours. Although we do our best to keep the dogs quiet, noises on the proposed trail will make it harder to do so.
Neither of us has ever seen anyone walking the proposed trail, nor are we aware of any data on the number and type of use of such a trail (which is quite different to trails such as the Great Southern Rail Trail, which is government funded).
This trail is being funded by the shire council and/or the volunteer group.
We are not sure what is the proportion between them as we could not find it in the council papers.
The best outcome and lowest cost would be to avoid such problems by not running the proposed trail along Quarry Road.
Meg Parkinson, Fish Creek.