A PUBLIC information session on the state of Inverloch’s Ayr Creek lagoon, organised by the Bass Coast Shire Council and its consultants, Riverness Pty Ltd, will be be held at the Inverloch Community Hub tomorrow, Friday, May 11, starting at 9am.

There was to have been a ‘walk and talk’ at the lagoon but owing to weather conditions, those interested have been asked to meet at the hub instead where the suitability of a walk will be considered.

There’s also to be a workshop at which community input is encouraged.

The shire has initiated the investigation into Ayr Creek, its odour, stagnation and lately, it’s Blue Green Algae outbreak following the response from the community.

But it might be that nature is about to intervene in any case following continuous rain in the area since Wednesday this week.

The lagoon has been topped up by runoff from Ayr Creek and predictions are that it will once again spill over, providing a renewal of water, and possible even a major change in the shape of the inlet entrance at the moment

If you are interested the community stage of the consultant’s investigation runs from 9am to 12 noon at the Inverloch Community Hub, Friday, May 11 and weather permitting, at the lagoon sometime in the morning – meet at the Inverloch Community Hub at 9am.