THE most dangerous sport in Australia has claimed more than 150 lives and is not what you’d expect.
It has nothing to do with fast cars, jumping out of a plane or the relentless smashing of one’s head on a sports field.
What appears to be the humble sport of rock fishing, has been outed as the most dangerous sport in the country by our nation’s surf lifesaving association.
Shocking statistics reveal in the past 13 years 158 people have died while rock fishing, with 11 of those deaths in Victoria.
The average rock fisherman who drowns in Victoria is a male, aged between 25 to 44 and is typically of Asian background, the data shows.
The most common location for people to die while rock fishing is on the Bass Coast.
Surf Life Saving Australia urged fisherman to wear a lifejacket, fish with a friend, check the conditions, carry safety gear including ropes and a mobile phone.