A very big thankyou to the Fish Creek Tea Cosy Festival Committee for the best festival yet!
It was brilliant.
A group of us had the pleasure of attending several events and every one of them was so enjoyable.
We heard many very positive comments from people who were amazed at the variety of events and the thoughtfulness that had gone into each one.
Our group attended the Jane Austen afternoon on Monday, the inTEAnational lunch on Wednesday which was delightful, and the entertainment in the park on Saturday which was full of fun for all the family.
The tea cosies themselves were amazing, the egg display and all of the other arts and crafts around the town shows what a very talented community we have.
The music in the park was so enjoyable and catered for all age groups and music lovers. Once again to the small committee who made this all happen, thank you so much. You have done Fish Creek proud.
Ian and Val Latham and friends.