GARRY Kitney, 74, from Cape Paterson was attacked by a large kangaroo recently whilst walking his dog in the town.
The attack happened at 10.30am on Monday, April 16 when he was with his bull terrier cross Sam, walking along Fulton Road, off Coast Road.
“Sam saw and started barking at a kangaroo on the side of the road,” Garry said.
“I thought the kangaroo would ignore us like usual, so we kept walking down road as we do most days.”
That’s when the large kangaroo came straight for Garry, kicking him with its hind legs.
“I managed to punch the kangaroo and at the same time, Sam grabbed kangaroo by the foot before it broke free and hopped away.”
Garry ended up with a 3cm laceration to his face and a couple of other small facial scratches.
With a 300-400 metre walk back to his car, Garry immediately drove home then into Bass Coast Health’s Emergency Department for treatment.
The cut was just under his eye and through to the bone.
Emergency applied tissue glue, gave him a tetanus shot and antibiotics to follow.
Garry said he feels lucky he had Sam with him as it could have been a lot worse.
“I won’t be walking my dog there anymore.”
Kangaroos can become aggressive if they are protecting their young.
There have been anecdotal reports of young kangaroos getting tangled in wire fences around Cape Paterson, and other reports of aggressive roos on the paths around the desal plant.