I wish to make comment about the articles in last week’s Sentinel-Times about Bass Coast/South Gippsland having no chemotherapy facilities and that Bass Coast hospital must have this facility for themselves so patients do not have to go to Melbourne etc etc.
I was angry and disgusted and felt considerably humiliated for the wonderful staff at Leongatha Hospital who provide consultation with a specialist, chemotherapy and palliative care.
I am sorry I do not have the exact titles of people as I have passed on my copy of the newspaper.
It seems to me that those patients who choose to go to Melbourne could possibly have private health insurance, but that is up to them and their referring doctor or specialist.
But please do not give the impression that there are no chemotherapy opportunities here in our area, when there is the best support available at Leongatha Hospital (Gippsland Southern Health Service).
Maggie Spinks, Korumburra.