HOW long does it take to change an electronic speed limit?
For parents and young children at two Bass Valley Primary School and children’s centre, it could be months – with VicRoads unsure when they’re going to change the speed limit from 60km/h to 40km/h during peak school times.
When Premier Daniel Andrews recently visited the school ago to announce the limit would be dropped, it received plenty of praise from the school community.
That was until VicRoads’ officers said it could take months – possibly at least July – to change the limits.
The Premier said it was just “common sense”, but Liberal Bass MP Brian Paynter asks if it is common sense; why hasn’t it been done?
“The Premier said it would be done as soon as possible, but here we are, it’s still 60km/h.
“Honestly, how hard is it to just come out here with a laptop and change the speed limit?”
He said many in the school community are also wondering what the $80,000 will be used for – when there’s already electronic speed limit signs outside the schools.
“If you come here in the morning drop off, it is unbelievable. It’s just dangerous,” he said.
“They just need to come down here, change a six to a four and get rid of the 80km/h signs to change to 60km/h.”
Emily Conklin, who started a petition to reduce the speed limit, was keen for the new limit to be implemented quickly.
“It’s an immediate thing that can happen right now and I don’t know why it hasn’t been done,” she said.
“When I asked VicRoads, they said these ‘things take time’ and it might not be done until the next financial year. I don’t get it, it’s just to change what’s already here in infrastructure.
“The $80,000 will be great for other safety improvements, but for now we just want the limit reduced.”
According to VicRoads, thanks to the budget announcement, the 60km/h electronic speed signs will be replaced with 40km/h electronic speed signs – implying they’re going to tear existing ones down and put up new ones.
While Mr Paynter and Ms Conklin, along with many in the school community, want to see the permanent speed limit reduced, VicRoads hasn’t committed to changing it – only agreeing to review it.
In a statement, VicRoads Eastern Region director Scott Lawrence said a meeting was held between VicRoads and representatives from the primary school, preschool, Department of Education, Bass Coast Shire Council and Victoria Police to identify other measures that could complement the new 40km/h school speed zone.
“We are now considering a number of road safety improvements that were identified at the meeting and the speed limit either side of the school on Corinella Road will also be reviewed as part of these improvements.”
He said timeframes for implementation of road safety improvements are still to be confirmed.