Further to Stephen Tuff’s letter on April 21: I agree, more provision for dirt bikes could be provided. However, one of the last remnants of native bush of significant size, close to a golf course and vineyards is not the place.
To say Wonthaggi and Outtrim tracks are only open once a month is not true.
They are often open for members’ use.
For casual riders there are many kilometres of legal tracks in state forests, the nearest being Mirboo North.
As far as the new sport of skateboarding goes, good on them. But motor bikes have been around for a lot longer, so where are the tracks if they are so popular?
Why does Stephen say the grass-roots level of off-road motorcycling is forgotten? There are many clubs at grass-roots level. Sounds like Stephen needs to join one.
Stephen said noise and the environment impact of off-road motorcycles is a problem. He is right about that.
Noise tests may show a motorcycle with a legal exhaust makes less noise than a bellowing bull, but even Stephen would complain if his neighbour had 60 bulls bellowing non-stop all day next door.
The many visitors who came to enjoy a peaceful round of golf deserve to do so.
Dan Drummond, Leongatha South.