JUST like most other schools, the speed limit outside the Bass Valley Primary School and the Bass Valley Children’s Centre has been reduced to 40km/h during peak drop off and pick up times.
On Friday, students welcomed the new electronic speed signs – reducing the limit to 40km/h from 8 to 9.30am and 2.30 to 4pm and 60km/h all other times.
School council member Emily Conklin was hopeful everyone would abide by the new limits.
“It’s a great relief to have the speed reduced and to see the immediate impact. I already see cars slowing down,” she said while the 40km/h was in place on Friday morning.
“You can see the cars who aren’t doing the speed limit so hopefully it will trickle down to everyone just doing 40km/h.
“We’d love to see the car parking also addressed,” she said of the spaces where parents often reverse and then do a U-turn to go back to Coronet Bay and Corinella during peak school times.
“We feel like it’s a long way to go because it’s not 100 per cent safe, but we’re definitely getting there.”
After strong campaigning by the school and local politicians, the job is yet another project ticked off in the Bass Coast Shire.
Emily said she was very thankful to Liberal Bass MP Brian Paynter for advocating for the reduced speed limits.
“No-one else was really standing in Parliament yelling at people for it,” she said of his speech earlier this year.
Labor candidate for Bass, Jordan Crugnale, said the speed change was about listening to the community and making sure kids are safe.
“Myself and a lot of other people thought you could just change the 60 to a 40 through a computer program.
“But you’ve actually got to change the whole signs, so that’s why it didn’t happen the next day.”
The reduced speed limit was the highest safety priority for local police, the council and representatives of the school.