Warrant executed and computer equipment seized at a property in South Gippsland

A property was raided in Meeniyan this morning.

IN connection with the Local Government Inspectorate investigation into the South Gippsland Shire Council, Victoria Police today executed a search warrant on an address in Meeniyan.

“As a result of the warrant, police seized computer equipment and electronic storage devices for the purposes of forensic examination of that material,” said Chief Municipal Inspector David Wolf in a statement.

“As the investigation is still ongoing, no further comment can be made at this time.”

Cr Andrew McEwen acknowledged today that he had been visited by authorities this morning at 6.30am, but other than that, he had no issue with the officers doing their job.

“I have used my council computer to email myself things at home and that’s all that’s occurred. They’ve looked at my computer to see if that’s the case,” Cr McEwen said.

“I said I sent material to myself at home, I’ve already acknowledged that.

Cr Andrew McEwen.

“They’re investigating whether anything has been sent onto a third party.”

Cr McEwen told the Sentinel-Times that he had not sent the material onto anyone else, referring to an email sent to councilors and senior staff with legal information about the Bald Hills Wind Farm noise complaint.

Cr McEwen said he didn’t believe that particular document was confidential and he said that other documents have been released to the media and others that were of a confidential nature but haven’t been followed up as strenuously as this one has.

“But I have no problem with what occurred today, it’s just the authorities doing their job.

“They dealt with me respectfully and I have no problem with that.”