KERBSIDE bin collection in the Bass Coast Shire will come to a halt unless councillors approve a $1 million increase to a waste contract.
The $1,085,200 increased fee over two years – which ratepayers are being told to pay for through the garbage charge – comes after China vowed to only accept a cleaner version of recyclables.
The council’s proposed a $38 increase to the garbage charge, which incorporates the China fee and the full impact of the three-bin system.
And council officers say, in a report to be tabled at this Wednesday’s meeting, that if waste contractor Wonthaggi Recyclers must absorb the increased costs, they will become unsustainable and council’s kerbside collection will cease.
The extra $542,600 a year is being imposed by Visy Recycling, after they upped recycling fees by $100 a tonne.
The council will also be asked to approve a $111,420 increase to the management of the Inverloch and Wonthaggi Transfer Station Contract – to cover fees to get rid of their recyclables too.
That contract variation doesn’t have to be decided by councillors, but officers say “seeking a decision from council demonstrates transparency and good governance”.
In a report, staff clarify Cleanaway’s role in Wonthaggi Recyclers following concerns by councillors that not everyone’s paying their fair share of costs.
“The ownership structure is that of a joint venture and Wonthaggi Recyclers is not a subsidiary of Cleanaway,” the report reads,
“Cleanaway acquired its investment in Wonthaggi Recyclers Pty Ltd via the acquisition of Baxter Recyclers Pty Ltd in 2006.
“As a result they are entitled to a 50 per cent distribution of earning after taxation, and as part of the arrangement there is a guarantee by Cleanaway Pty Ltd on liabilities incurred by Wonthaggi Recyclers Pty Ltd.
“Cleanaway Pty Ltd does not have operational management control or voting control over the business.”
It was also noted Wonthaggi Recyclers has copped a 150 per cent increase in the expected amount of recyclables, attributed to better education and consideration by residents as to which waste goes in each bin.