THE director of The Boy From Oz, Brad Beach, is an extremely talented performer and well-known local director for the highly awarded musicals Grease and the Witches of Eastwick for Leongatha Lyric Theatre.

And on the eve of the opening of The Boy from Oz, for Wonthaggi Theatrical Group on Saturday, May 26, we managed to tie him down for a chat about the show and to let the audience into the mindset of the man behind the glitz.

Why the Boy from Oz? What drew you to the show?

“The Boy from Oz is a fantastic show which is not only full of colour, movement and fun but which also has a great story that will make you laugh and make you cry. It has all the key elements of a fantastic show.

“However more than this, it tells the story of a young gay boy growing up in the country in the 1950s – which cannot have been easy. This was a time when Australians would never have dreamed of marriage equality. But despite this he managed to become one of Australia’s most successful singer songwriters of all time, overcoming his environment and an abusive childhood.

“He wrote what many consider to be the unofficial National Anthem (I Still Call Australia Home).

I am attracted to shows that explore how people are able to overcome challenges and still succeed.  These stories help us realise that we can achieve our dreams and goals even if it looks impossible.”

What can’t you wait to show the audience? What sort of experience can they expect?

“I can’t wait for the audience to see the amazing performances in this show. The whole cast is brilliant and bring an energy which will send everyone home on a huge high.

“Then there is the choreographer, Rose Wray-McCann. Rose has done an outstanding job on this show. She has been the choreographer of all three of my musicals and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with her again. But this time around she has outdone herself with a complete feast of movement!

“The set and costumes by Colin Mitchell are simply stunning and people will be talking about it that’s for sure.

“Then there is Kirk Skinner whose passion for this show shines via the amazing music. And as we saw last week, he has assembled a really talented band, who are certain to provide another of the highlights. One thing is for sure audiences can expect a wonderful night out with tears and laughter and best of all be singing well known songs all the way home.”

It’s set to be a fantastic show, combining the sum total of many passionate and talented contributions but ignited by one person’s love of this fine Australian show – Brad Beach.

PHOTO: Director of The Boy From Oz, the new Wonthaggi musical, Brad Beech, says he was drawn to the show, not only for the bright music and fun themes but also because it’s about a country kid who defies the naysayers to make his mark in the world. The show opens on Saturday, May 26.