The Leongatha Motor Cycle Club has lodged a town planning application with the South Gippsland Shire to use Nortons Bush, Holgates Road-Merricks Lane at Leongatha South for motorcycle racing.
This is an inappropriate use of this unique piece of remnant native bush (approx. 180 acres).
Motor cycle racing in this bushland has no regard to the haven it has become to native animals and birds that now survive in it due to the diminished habitat caused by farming and population growth.
It fails to consider that for years Landcare with government money has been assisting landowners to protect remnant vegetation from further degradation.
They’ve established treed corridors for wildlife to protect waterways and prevent erosion, for beautification and improved farming outcomes in this area.
There are also residents, some within very close proximately to this proposed track and the Leongatha Golf Club, who will be subjected to noise which is an affront to the peaceful enjoyment of their properties and businesses.
Golf club members and the playing public who enjoy the tranquil bush course will be aghast at how this was allowed to happen!
Fire, with the increased public access to Nortons Bush, is a huge risk. The fire this February in Holgates Road started by a lawn mower and was a “wake up call”. No wind on a hot dry day and multiple CFA units made for a great save! Next time, maybe not to lucky!
I urge the nine South Gippsland Shire councillors to vote against this planning application.
Roger and Peter Davis, Pound Creek.