Triple treat for Ellinbank

Among the locals in the EDFL Under 16 representative team were Hayden Wallis, Ryan Knight and Kyle Loveridge of Poowong.

Poowong’s Tom Wyatt was awarded the best on ground medal in the EDFL Seniors’ Interleague victory over Horsham District FNL at Ballarat.

U18 Reps Jai Newcombe,Mitchell Van’t Hof & Josh McNally (2)

THE Ellinbank Football League Under 16, 18 and Seniors travelled to Ballarat’s City Oval to play the Horsham Football League, and all recorded wins.
The senior match featured four players from Poowong; Jack Hazendonk, Tim Hancock, Thomas Wyatt and Chris Robinson and three from Nyora, Dylan Heylen, Ilan Osman and Shaun Beecroft – a good local representation and they all contributed to Ellinbank’s win.
Horsham kicked the first goal but Ellinbank came back adding six goals through Matt Gray from a mark, Ilan Osman from a mark after a series of passes, Daniel Fry, Mark Vassett and Thomas Wyatt from a high tackle.
Ellinbank’s defence was on top with Tim Hancock and Dale Johnson working hard to name a couple and with Ellinbank’s pace around the ground also making a difference.
The second quarter was similar to the first with Matt Gray kicking his second followed by goals Mark Vassett and Jack Hazendonk from good clean pickups and kicks resulting in a 39-point lead.
At half time Ellinbank held a 43 point lead 9.3.57 to Horsham 2.2.14 and looked to be in control of the game.
Horsham worked harder and kicked the first goal plus a couple of points but with Ellinbank’s half forward line on top goals started to come.
Tom Mashado from a down field free kick, then goals to Chris Robinson and two to Thomas Wyatt – the first from a good mark and the second from a running snap to have Ellinbank leading 13.5 83 to Horsham 3.4.22 a 61-point lead at the last change.
The last quarter was a battle between the backlines until Horsham kicked the first goal of the quarter, their fourth to be answered by a running goal from Wyatt, Ellinbank’s 14th.
The siren sounded with Ellinbank winning by 60 points 14.7 to 4.7. An entertaining game played in good spirit and well umpired but Ellinbank’s better skills and pace were the difference.
Best on ground went to Thomas Wyatt (Poowong). Other good players were Matt Gray (Buln Buln), Russell Lehman (Longwarry), Danny Wells (Longwarry), Tim Hancock (Poowong) and Nick Visser (Catani) in a team effort.
Goal kickers: Thomas Wyatt 4, Matt Gray 2, Mark Vassett 2, Daniel Fry 2, Jack Hazendonk, Ilan Osman, Chris Robinson and Tom Mashado.
Daniel Fry (Longwarry), the winning coach thanked the players for putting up their hand to play and spoke about the rewards and pride of playing representative football for your league.

Under 18s
The Under 18s game was an even battle with Horsham leading at each quarter break until three quarter time and looked the likely winners but Ellinbank lifted in the last quarter to win by 15 points.
Horsham kicked the only two goals of the first term to lead 2.2 to two points.
Horsham was appearing to be stronger and cleaner and added 2.2 to Ellinbank’s 3.3.
Will Robertson kicked two and Riley Sherriff one, a five-point lead to Horsham at half time.
Ellinbank kicked the first goal in the third quarter through Lachlan Gregson but Horsham replied with two goals. Ellinbank then hit the post twice before finally Lachlan Seppings goaled after a good shepherd but Horsham replied with a goal on the siren to lead by nine points 7.5.47 to 5.8.38.
The last quarter started with Ellinbank kicking three quick goals, two to Will Robertson and one to Rhys George before Horsham hit back with a goal.
Ellinbank’s defence was starting to get some run and with Josh McNally creating opportunities with handballs and good passes they added three more goals through Lachlan Gregson, Justin Lockett and Travis Stewart. Horsham was battling hard and added a late goal but at the final siren it was a victory to Ellinbank by 15 points, 11.9.75 to Horsham 9.6.60.
Ellinbank’s pace, overhead marking and delivery was the difference.
Best on ground was awarded to Travis Stewart (Nyora). Other top players were Josh McNally (Poowong), Jai Newcombe (Poowong), Lachlan Seppings (Catani), Will Robertson (Ellinbank) and Blake Kahan (Warragul Dusties).
Goal kickers: Will Robertson 4, Lachlan Gregson 2, Rhys George, Lachlan Seppings, Riley Sherriff, Justin Lockett, Travis Stewart.

Under 16s
Ellinbank’s Under 16 team handled the wet ball and the conditions a lot better than Horsham who dropped a lot of chest marks around the ground and in front of goal.
Ellinbank’s defence worked hard and the forwards kept the pressure on all day.
Ellinbank kicked four goals for the first quarter from Geordie Wells, Braydon Hefford, Aiden Keady and Ryan Atherton with Horsham failing to score.
In the second quarter Horsham worked harder but dropped marks which limited them to one goal three while Ellinbank through Bailey Stephens and Isaac Fuller added 2.1 to lead by 28 points.
Ellinbank added three quick goals at the start of the third quarter through Hayden Wallis, Lachlan Crook and Luke Kinder before Horsham added their second.
Hayden Wallis added two goals late in the quarter.
At three quarter time Ellinbank held a 53-point lead. The coach asked them to continue working hard, but it was Horsham that lifted their game in the last quarter kicking four goals to Ellinbank’s one through Brayden Hefford.
At the final siren Ellinbank 12.3.75 defeated Horsham 6.4.40, a 35 point victory.
Overall Ellinbank’s height and strength and better skills was the difference.
Best on ground went to Lachlan Crook (Warragul Dusties).
Other best players were Geordie Wells (Catani), Bailey Stephens (Longwarry), Matthew Dare (Ellinbank), Ryan Atherton (Ellinbank) and Hayden Wallis (Poowong) in a team effort.
Goal kickers: Hayden Wallis 3, Brayden Hefford 2, Aiden Keady, Lachlan Crook, Geordie Wells, Luke Kinder, Bailey Stephens and Isaac Fuller.

Clean sweep for West Gippy

Sam Batson was electric across half back for the West Gippsland Football Netball competition’s senior side, as they defeated Maryborough Castlemaine District Football Netball League by 44 points at Garfield. Z072118

The future of the West Gippsland Football Netball competition is in great hands, the under 18 team putting in a stellar performance with plenty of young talent on display taking down Maryborough Castlemaine District FNL by 78 points. Z082118

The West Gippsland FNC secured its first Community Championship victory over Maryborough-Castlemaine District FNL by 44 points in blowy conditions at Garfield on Saturday.

THE West Gippsland Football Netball competition put in a stellar performance at the Community Championships at Garfield, winning all four football and netball games and claiming the clean sweep.
The senior side secured its maiden Championships win, defeating Maryborough-Castlemaine District Football Netball League by 44 points.
The wind made for a scrappy contest early on, with both sides struggling to hit targets by foot and by hand.
It took 10 minutes of back and forth play before small forward Jaxon Briggs popped up for the first goal of the game for West Gippsland.
Quick follow up goals to Michael Marotta and Todd Beck saw the West Gippsland team break away to a 20-point lead at quarter time.
Coach Mark Lafferty encouraged his troops to take the game on and use their pace to their advantage.
“If we can flick the handball out of the contest to Zak [Vernon] or Shem [Hawking] we’ll burn these guys, they won’t keep up.”
Maryborough-Castlemaine finally converted their first goal in the opening minute of the second quarter but a quick reply from Jason Fisher saw West Gippsland stay in control.
Small mid/forward Corey Casey then added another to West Gippsland’s tally and the lead had stretched to 22 points at the long break.
The battle was being won in the midfield with Andy Soumilas, Shem Hawking and Zak Vernon running rampant around the ground.
The third quarter belonged to Vernon who seemed to have the ball on a string, blitzing his opponents with his leg speed and nailing two beautiful running goals.
A 34-point lead at three quarter time grew to 44 points at the final siren with a pair of last quarter goals to Marotta and Nathan Allen.
Dynamic midfielder Zak Vernon received the AFL Victoria Medal for best on ground, with Rylan Smith and Shem Hawking others to catch the eye in the 11.18 (84) to 5.10 (40) win.

Under 18
The under 18 boys were particularly impressive taking down the Maryborough-Castlemaine District FNL by 78 points.
A moderate wind blowing straight across the ground made it hard to execute clean passages of play but the West Gippsland team adapted to the conditions as the game went on.
The forward trio of Luke Hartley, Joseph Verleg and Jay Verhagen all nailed three goals and caused plenty of headaches for their opponents.
A 15-point half-time lead was quickly stretched to 65 points in the third term in a whopping nine goal quarter.
Phillip Island pair Nick Anderson and Max Mattock both stood tall when required, but a best-on-ground performance from Cora Lynn’s Brayden Weller led the West Gippsland side to a comfortable 16.11 (107) to 4.5 (29) victory.

RIGHT: The future of the West Gippsland Football Netball competition is in great hands, the under 18 team putting in a stellar performance with plenty of young talent on display taking down Maryborough Castlemaine District FNL by 78 points. Z082118