It appears our local council rates our Shearwaters to be more important than our school children.
They spend tens of thousands of dollars each year protecting them, but cannot find a couple of thousand to install a school crossing for the children of Sunset Strip to cross the Phillip Island main road safely.
Each day of school I witness students crossing the road between gaps of less than 100 metres, with cars traveling at 80km/h.
On a number of cases, cars have had to brake to avoid hitting them.
While I’m on about Newhaven College, how can VicRoads install a set of traffic lights at The Gurdies for a couple of dozen sand trucks a day, yet won’t put any at the entrance to Newhaven College which has 200 plus vehicles over a one hour period twice a day.
There have already been a number of accidents at this intersection.
A set of lights would also allow a safe crossing point for the children of Sunset Strip.
Time for some action before there is a fatality, and not after one.
M Andreatta, San Remo.