By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

SOME favourable patches of weather have seen a few out and about both land and boating with even a couple of brave people in kayaks.
Calamari and salmon has been the major targets from the land with gummies, whiting and calamari from the boats.
While all have been patchy and not in big numbers, except for salmon the quality of the rest has been very good especially some of the whiting who are getting their full winter coat and are, as one customer described, as round as Coke can.
The island beaches have been better for salmon because they have been a bit cleaner and easier to fish with a lot of weed on the Kilcunda and Wonthaggi beaches.
I have only had the odd salmon over 1kg reported and the majority are around 300g to 500g, still a good size to bake whole.
I had several reports during the week from customers using both bait and lures. Casting a lure or two is not a bad way to stay warm while waiting for the bigger fish to come along. Use a bigger bait, whole pilchard on you bait fishing rod and cast a smaller lure, 25g to 40g – white the best of late while you are waiting.
Calamari customers are doing a similar thing using a baited jig under a float while casting an artificial one around. This works either on the land or in the boat and don’t forget if you have one take your baited jig, cast your artificial one behind it because there is a good chance there will be two of them together. The jetty at San Remo was best with a few from Cowes and Rhyll with both Woolamai and Ventnor beaches producing.
We are also starting to get better numbers from Newhaven Jetty. With boating, it has been a bit of just fish where the wind isn’t so nowhere really stood out.
Whiting fishing in the boats was difficult at times with you confined to fishing areas where the wind wasn’t or an area where you could get the boat to sit right.
Tides were important and while it didn’t matter which one the best reports came from about two hours either side of the changes where there was a bit of run in the water.
It was difficult to get a pattern on how they were feeding with one customer telling me they were hitting everything and the next person saying they were extremely timid and they had to change their normal circle hooks back to long shank to hook the fish.
Because of the effort involved in chasing Gummies this time of the year, spending much of the night in the boat or standing on the beach most target them on the moon phase.
I get the odd report during the month but the three or four days either side of the moon is the best time and that’s where the bigger ones usually come from. Fresh baits were the best and accounted for most of the quality gummies, salmon fillet the best to use.
Some good reports both from land and beach with boats like all the rest confined to the best spot out of the wind and two beaches stood out, Surf at Woolamai and Stockyard Point in the bay.
Offshore we had some reasonable reports from those chasing flathead with reports of smaller but good numbers being caught. The best spot inside the 40m line.
There are a few couta around and some schools of salmon but not much in the way of bigger sharks.
Gummies were typical of what you would expect this time of the year in quality and size, 10 to 15kg not uncommon.
The reports though that have everyone excited again is those of Bluefin. Returning again are the school fish and while there have been more seen than caught, it’s only a matter of time as more head out for a look.
The reports we got came from inside the 40m line and the photos we saw were of fish around the mid 20kg. Several reported having schools around them both shallow and deep but unable to hook any no matter what they threw at them. Reports came from both Cape Schanck area and Cape Paterson and Harmers areas.