The Sentinel-Times ‘Comment’ piece from last week ‘Sack the lot of them!’ seems harsh, but perhaps says it all.
You list the waste and failings of the South Gippsland Shire Council which prompted the appointment of the municipal monitor to examine the governance of our council.
Many of the reasons for the appointment come from the bureaucracy and previous councils but the current council has not improved matters and fails in the areas of transparency, openness and responding to concerns from the community.
Reports that some councillors think the appointment of the monitor is a joke and a media beat up do not come across well to ratepayers, especially when the next step is the sacking of the council.
Perhaps the cost of the monitor is money well spent. I would rather our elected councillors lift their game and, as you say, properly serve the ratepayers they represent.
Steve Finlay, South Gippsland Action Group.