THE Inverloch Rotary Club is facing dwindling membership numbers, and needs an injection of young people so it can continue serving the community.
Outgoing club president Rosa Turner says the club is trying to be less formal, in a bid to attract more young people.
“We need help because we’re losing members. We don’t want to lose the club,” Rosa said.
The club manages four markets a year and holds fortnightly meetings. Members had to hand over the responsibility of the Jazz Festival Street Parade to the Inverloch Men’s Shed because they didn’t have enough members to manage it.
“We were calling in friends and relatives to help out,” Rosa said.
“Five years ago, we had about 25 members. Now we have about 12 or 13,” she said, adding that some members move away, while others join the Probus Club.
“Even if people just want to help out at markets, that’s fine too. We need young people to take over Rotary and build it up.”
The club’s increasing its online presence, with regular updates on its Facebook page.
Rotary’s not just for the retired. The club is keen to recruit young people and those approaching retirement who are still up for a challenge.
“People have a funny idea of Rotary, that we’re retired business people, etc.
“We’re not. We want young people to come in and take on Rotary. We will step back and let young people run it.
“We’ve gotten away from some of the formal things, but we’re still Rotary. We’re just Rotary with a difference.
“All service clubs are losing people quite rapidly.”
Rosa has served as club president for the past two years, with John Peterson her successor.
Want to join? Call Rosa on 0432 261 881.