I live on a rural property 4.5kms from town. I am a pensioner. What the bloody hell is going on?
I had a dispute with Telstra over billing. They had grossly overcharged me for the service. After four calls to the Ombudsman, I found my own way to senior Telstra personal who gave me all the assurances, but it seemed to get lost in the system.
Twelve months go by, I am being charged for two mobiles I don’t own or have not owned.
I am over $100 in credit by my conservative accounting but they cut my phone off.
Six weeks go by, attempted communication with Telstra is through a friend’s phones, until at last someone senior did their job. They found that indeed I was in credit. I should ask for compensation, as suggested, stress alone and my time (many, many hours).
Now my phone has been out of order for 16 days. Now the Telstra technician can’t get it any better (a whirring sound) unless they replace 50 metre of cable due to a lightning strike. The problem is in the pit 400 metres up the road. He tells me, he can’t even access the files to put it on the (to do) list. “Then it goes into the system. I don’t like your chances…” hence this letter.
What the bloody hell is going on?
I am rather deaf and to have a phone with less than 30% clarity, that they, Telstra, find too difficult or too expensive to justify but forgetting that I pay over $40 a month for this service and have done so for over 40 years.
What a bloody service!
What the bloody hell is going on?
Today, June 5, I have no service. I am told to “just buy a mobile” maybe there is justification for Telstra to supply me that? But who can I talk to?
What the bloody hell is going on?
Please someone answer my question. Frustrated, disillusioned, ill-informed and getting quite angry.
What the bloody hell is going on?
Grant O’Neill, Mirboo North.