WONTHAGGI’S Lucy Dicker took home gold from the ‘All Female Classic’ bodybuilding competition this month.
Lucy won the Sports Model section, was second in Fitness Model, third in Fitness Open and third in Novice. That’s a place in every section she entered.
Following months of training and sticking to a strict meal plan, including eating seven times a day, her determination has paid off.
And Lucy says she wouldn’t have achieved those places in the natural competition, held at the Moonee Valley Racecourse, without coach Luke Hynes.
“With the right coach, you can succeed,” Lucy said of Luke, a full-time Voyage Fitness coach.
“He’s helped out so much, guiding me in the right direction. Luke’s been bodybuilding for about 10 years.
“His knowledge of bodybuilding is insane and he’s so passionate about it.”
Lucy spends countless hours in the gym each week with coach Luke, working up a sweat with cardio and weight sessions. Lucy works at her parents’ business, Wonthaggi Betta Home Living.
“Luke used to work here and I remember when I was younger, I’d see him in the lunch room with his egg whites.
“It’s all been lots of fun; the coaching, the competition, everything. I’ll definitely be doing it again.”
Each Sunday, Lucy sets aside three hours to prepare 21 meals for the following week.
“It’s important to listen to your body. I don’t cut any food groups. Meal prepping makes it a lot easier to stick to a meal plan.”
Lucy’s planning on entering the Rising Star and Rookie Show bodybuilding competition, held early next year.
Over the next few months, Lucy says she’ll continue to train, eat healthy, and build up more muscle.
“It’s a slow process, but I love it.”