THE highly anticipated Gippsland Jersey Milkshake Van recently rolled through the front gates of Newhaven College.
At recess and lunch, the delicious milkshake flavours of blue heaven, chocolate, caramel, banana, lime and vanilla went on sale and were a huge success amongst the college community.
The day ran smoothly with 322 milkshakes being sold, and it was a great to see students from all year levels as well as teachers and staff lining up to support Gippsland Jersey and raising $1614.
Gippsland Jersey is the College Student Cabinet’s chosen charity for 2018.
It was formed in 2016 by Sallie Jones and Steve Ronalds to ensure a fair price is paid to farmers, and gives consumers a clear choice when buying their milk.
A portion of profits is returned to the Gippsland farming community to help support the mental and emotional wellbeing of dairy farmers who may be struggling.
The College Cabinet would like to thank Sally and Steve for allowing full usage of their milkshake preparation station as well as Year 12 students Ellie Pearce, Jorgie Mae Thompson, Tara Swan, Joel Bastwrous, Jasmine McJames Court and Aaron Fraser for helping prepare and serve milkshakes.
Based on the great success of the day, the milkshake van is sure to return!