Now that’s the question. South Gippsland is already blessed with off-road racing venues at Hedley, Outtrim and Yarram that are available for use by any club that is affiliated with Motorcycling Victoria.
Few clubs in Victoria have such easy access to an off-road venue. So no, there is no need for another off-road track in South Gippsland.
Wanting one is an entirely different matter. In this case, the site must be chosen carefully according to motorcycling’s own environmental code.
The code states that the site selected should, among other things, avoid removing vegetation, not annoy near neighbours, not be in an area at risk of erosion, and not be the habitat of endangered species. The site selected in an application before South Gippsland Shire fails all the above.
Finally, it should not be next to a Top 100 golf course (Leongatha Golf Course) which will jeopardise the ongoing future of the golf club.
After all, would you be happy to play golf next to the sound of 250+ motorcycles racing for hours on end?
Cheryl Roberts, Leongatha South.