What a privilege it was to attend the most professional, amateur theatre production of ‘The Boy from Oz’ recently at the Wonthaggi Union Theatre.
How sad then to observe that many patrons, mostly children, were unable to survive an hour without food or drink.
Even sadder then, to observe that many of these folk on devouring their gastronomic delights, felt quite at ease with throwing the containers, wrappings and leftover contents, onto the floor at their seat, to be trodden into the newly laid carpet and left for someone else to pick up afterwards.
Even more pathetic were the parents and or grandparents seemingly turning a blind eye to this appalling behaviour.
At this rate, it won’t be long before the carpet and soft furnishings will need replacing again. For mine, with a 20 minute sustenance break between acts, taking food and drink into the theatre is unnecessary and should be banned.
I can’t imagine how any of these folk would survive a week stranded on a desert island.
David Vance, Inverloch.