SCHOOL-aged children are in danger of being hit by speeding cars outside Wonthaggi North Primary School.
That’s the view of local Shakira Pretty, who’s advocating for better signs indicating it’s 40km/h around the school.
“We see many people drive past here going well beyond 40km/h,” she said.
Some schools, such as St Joseph’s Wonthaggi, are only 40km/h during peak morning and afternoon drop-off/pick-up.
But outside Wonthaggi North, it’s a permanent speed limit.
“I think people either don’t know that’s 40km/h all the time or simply don’t care.
“You have kids who are playing basketball crossing the road and school kids. I’ve seen kids nearly being hit on the road.
“Some drivers are going pretty damn fast.”
A nearby bus stop means it’s also a popular place for local elderly residents to catch the bus to appointments.
“You see elderly people trying to get across the road with their trollies or walkers. You’d think at 40km/h, they’d have plenty of time to cross, but they don’t because people aren’t doing the speed limit.
“Ideally, I’d just want to see better signage saying that it’s always 40, it’s 24/7.”
Shakira recently wrote to the Bass Coast Shire Council, outlining concerns around people speeding and there only being one 40km/h sign on Wentworth Road and one on White Road.
The council thanked Shakira for raising her concerns over driver behaviour on Wentworth Road and White Road.
“We have reviewed the signage and believe it should be adequate,” the council wrote in a letter.
Shakira said that’s just not good enough.